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What is an International Business Company (IBC)?

International business companies are also known as offshore companies.

These companies are set up as limited liability companies in countries known for their liberal legislation, independence, specialised infrastructure and/or a high degree of confidentiality. 

Discretion when investing
There can be various reasons for placing assets in an IBC, the most common ones being for tax reasons and a greater need for discretion. 

Portfolio Management
IBCs are used by both groups of companies and by private individuals. When private individuals invest in an IBC it is often with a view to the long-term placement and management of capital such as, for example, securities and/or liquid funds. 

Inheritance planning
Remember that an IBC is not in itself an instrument that can be used for inheritance planning.
Some of the most widely used destinations for IBCs are Cyprus, Belize, Cayman, Panama, Gibraltar, etc. 

Link to a IBC or offshore company

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