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Capital optimisation

Before starting to invest, you should consult your financial advisor and agree on a route map (to be adjusted on an ongoing basis) for your investments.

At Inwema we start with an analysis based on the financial desires and expectations that you and your family have for the future, as well as your business partners. We then discuss your investment profile, at which point we deal in depth with technical concepts of investment. Finally, we translate theory into practice through your investment strategy, which we can execute jointly in your bank. This is what we call capital optimisation.

About you

- Your future plans/dreams?
- Your reason for investing?
- Your interest in investing?
- What about tax and inheritance?
- Your timetable for investing?
- Do you have the know-how?
- Why did you choose your current bank? What is important to you?
- Do you want to make decisions on when to buy and sell?
- Should INWEMA help you to execute, monitor and make ongoing modifications to your strategy?

Your investment profile

- Your expectations in terms of yield?
- Relative or absolute yield?
- Your investment horizon?
- Are you looking for a capital guarantee?
- What is the acceptable scale of fluctuation in your deposit?
- How do you want to spread your risk?
- Which markets, countries, sectors do you want to invest in, do you have any preferences?

Your investment strategy

- Capital management/Portfolio Management?
- Active trading or just one single deposit account?
- Individual titles, shares, bonds or investment associations/funds?
- Remember to buy titles that fluctuate in contrast to one another (if one goes up, the other goes down)?

Your investment profile

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