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Who doesn’t occasionally wish they had a little bit more financial freedom? Maybe we have the solution!

Many people now are investing in a new kitchen or bathroom, or other major investments in the home, garden, boat, endowment policies, securities, etc. An investment loan, supplementary loan or equity release can be a good and often a cheap way of realising these dreams, perhaps in conjunction with the inwema Wealth Plan. 

Best loan provider
Inwema is your independent alternative to banks and credit associations, and we are not locked into only having our own loan products on the shelf. It is in our interest to find the best possible loan provider to suit you and your expectations.

At present Inwema offers two kinds of loans:

* Bank loans and/or mortgages on your property
* Investment loans

Bank loans and/or mortgages
inwema’s loan arrangement service is provided on competitive terms and normally in conjunction with your capital optimisation. As a general rule you can borrow up to 80% of the value of your property, which is defined in collaboration with a local appraiser. 

Fixed interest rate
You can choose between a bank loan/mortgage with a variable or fixed interest rate, in several different currencies, and with or without settlement. However, the loan must have a principal of at least EUR 100,000 and a repayment term of up to 30 years.

Investment loans
If you are prepared to take a risk and have the financial strength to do so, an investment loan gives you an extraordinarily high yield and constitutes an interesting tool. An investment loan enables you to achieve a yield that is greater than the interest that you are paying on your loan. 

The product is very simple, and you can borrow up to four times your investment. The whole amount is then invested in securities, depending on your investment strategy. Your risk does, of course, increase with borrowing, but a stable price trend will create good conditions for achieving a high yield. As a rule you can borrow and invest in almost all currencies. One benefit of an investment loan is the facility to carry the interest difference between different currencies.

See example of investment loan.

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