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Investment loans

If, as an investor, you are willing to take a risk, Inwema can offer you the potential for a yield that matches the risk.

Gearing your deposit
If you deposit, for example, EUR 500,000 (liquid assets and/or an endowment policy), inwema will arrange an investment plan for up to four times the value of your risk capital.

The extent of the gearing you achieve depends on how you want to invest. Most investments are made in:

* Shares
* Bonds
* Investment associations/funds
* Currency

On the basis of your risk capital, you have the opportunity to increase the return by the yield from your loan-financed investment. But you must remember that your portfolio as a whole is normally lodged as security for the investment loan.

There are two financing options with regard to the investment loan:

1. Loan with interest adaptation

* Payment-free term of up to 5 years
* Broad range of loan currencies
* Fixed interest for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months

2. Credit framework (cash credit)

* The right to withdraw can be freely utilised with a broad selection of loan currencies.
* Variable interest rate

Below is an example of an investment loan. The example is calculated on the basis of interest rates and exchange rates for December 2006. 




Investment loan (CHF), gearing 3



Total investment capital



Costs in connection with setup EUR 45,000 (incl. brokerage commission) 
Expected yield p.a.


 7,00 %

Interest expenses on loan p.a.

 3,00 %

Surplus, 1st year



Return on equity 1st year  

 9,37 %

Surplus, 2nd year



Return on equity, 2nd year   

 17,97 %


An investment loan is a speculative investment option, in which the yield depends on the trend in the financial markets. If you decide to set up an investment loan, you must be quite clear in your own mind that even though there is a very good, likely prospect of an attractive yield, there will nevertheless also be a risk of a loss. Your personal finances must be able to bear any such loss.

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