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Inwema is represented through offices in Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and France.

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Inwema arranges endowment policies and health insurances for European and international clients in large parts of Europe.

Everyone needs insurance, but getting an overview of risks and insurance needs is a complicated matter. Furthermore, the wide range of products, conditions and prices makes the insurance market difficult to understand.

The fundamental feature of inwema’s insurance advice is independence. We are your advisor, and with our professional knowledge of the market we take care of your insurance interests, ideally in combination with the inwema Wealth Plan, and achieve your insurance optimisation.
The best insurance proposal
We are delighted to act as your insurance broker to submit your insurance needs to the insurance market and to collect tenders that match your risk profile. We do this as soon as we have analysed your needs and you have signed a mandate.

Our objective
It is our objective to be among the best in the field of offering approved, tax-efficient endowment policies and health insurances to Scandinavians abroad. For this reason security and adaptation to local laws and regulations form a significant element of our core values. At the same time we have chosen to target our insurance brokerage services at wealthy individuals (HNWI).

Where do you live?
inwema offers solutions that support your individual capital and inheritance planning by taking account of both current and future needs across national borders. Below you can see how you can achieve major benefits in an endowment policy: 

Italy Italy 
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Norway Norway
France France

Portugal Portugal
Spain Spain 
Sweden Sweden
Germany Germany

As is generally known, insurance brokers all over the world make a living from commission paid by customers, normally as a proportion of the annual premium. This is known as the gross premium principle, when the broker’s commission is included in the premium. At present the insurance industry is in the process of dividing into insurance companies that still want to use the gross premium principle and those that wish to go over to the so-called net premium principle, in which the brokerage commission is not claimed directly from the customer together with the premium. At present inwema is applying the gross premium principle.

Inwema’s licence
As an insurance broker, inwema has been granted a licence from the Federal Office of Private Insurance in Switzerland, and has at the same time arranged a professional liability insurance policy to the order of DKK 10 million. We have achieved our licence after completing the insurance course at the Danish Insurance Academy.

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