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Private Banking

When you choose a bank there are many factors that you must be aware of. First of all you must identify whether you are a VIP customer (wealthy customer) or a regular bank customer. As the number of wealthy people is growing rapidly, banking services offered to such people are also on the increase. This is particularly true in the field of Private Banking.

Private Banking consists of exclusive, customised investment advice that is offered exclusively to a specific group of customers, i.e. advice that is based on you and your wishes for the future, as well as your investment profile

Private Banking
To set up a customer relationship in a Private Banking bank, most banks require a certain level of investment capital. This capital can vary from bank to bank. However, we believe that most banks require an initial investment of between EUR 500,000 and EUR 1,000,000. This can be in the form of either cash or securities. 

High yield on investment
Most people who are considering a move abroad or who have already moved abroad will currently be using a Private Banking bank to help them invest. All of Inwema’s banking partners have an international profile and also, of course, have the experience that can be all-important for the service and security that you are offered, and naturally for the size of the yield that you will get for your investment. 

Private Banking in Luxembourg and Switzerland
Among Scandinavians it has for many years been normal to use Private Banking banks in either Luxembourg or Switzerland. Many of these banks have Scandinavian speaking staff and often have offices in countries such as France, Spain and the UK.

Where is private money in the world today

In banks nowadays we are seeing a wider range of investment opportunities. This can mean an increase in complexity, questions and, unfortunately, in misunderstandings. 

Inheritance planning
In Inwema’s view, a bank that exclusively offers yield optimisation is not the ideal solution. It is important that your Private Banking bank can implement a solution, within your investment strategy, that supports your individual capital and inheritance planning by taking into account your current and future needs across national borders. 

Security when investing
We believe that the right bank puts the focus on you, listens to your needs and offers a solution that you can understand. This creates transparency and security.

Please feel free to contact Inwema if you want any help or a recommendation in choosing a bank.

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