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Inwema is represented through offices in Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and France.

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What Inwema has to offer

To travel is to live, said Hans Christian Andersen. We also notice that at Inwema. We are seeing an increasing interest in enjoying life in a different country and a higher level of travel activity.

When you move to live in another country it is important that you have a good plan and a strategy. The same also applies for people who have already moved out.

How do you get the most out of your money at your new destination? 

Living in Spain, France etc.
Tax legislation in your new country of residence can create many new financial challenges that can be difficult to come to terms with. At Inwema we specialise in helping you optimise your finances, whether you are living in the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, etc. We can do this in Danish, Swedish, German or English.

One characteristic of Inwema is our extremely personal, client-oriented contact. This is because we believe that direct advice is the key to a successful strategy for our clients. We achieve this through a great deal of travel, and we are always happy to visit you on your home ground. 

Wealth Plan
Inwema offers, in collaboration with banks, mortgage institutes and insurance companies, our very own inwema Wealth Plan. Inwema Wealth Plan forms the core of international wealth management, in which your finances are optimised through the best possible combination of banking, insurance and mortgage products, combined with effective advice on investment.

Working against the background of the Inwema Wealth Plan, our advice falls into three categories:

Investment optimisation
Including the choice of bank, the right investment association, portfolio management concept (with absolute or relative yield) and/or structured products (with or without capital guarantee). 

Insurance optimisation
Including tax-efficient endowment policies that support individual capital and inheritance planning by taking account of needs and preferences across national borders in Europe.

Mortgage optimisation,
Including in connection with the purchase of a new home and/or modern capital optimisation with equity release in combination with an endowment insurance policy. 

Financial overview
There are many exciting, often unused opportunities when you live abroad. You can only win by adopting the right structure. We have the network and help you to achieve a financial overview that gives you security.

Contact us to optimise your finances.

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Inwema - International Wealth Management

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