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Inwema Wealth Plan

Inwema Wealth Plan is a modern form of capital management, in which traditional asset management is combined with life insurance. This gives you the opportunity to optimise your investments in relation to yield, inheritance and tax.

Inwema reviews the structure of your assets as an element of a pattern and evaluates, through a risk analysis, the extent to which your assets are structured optimally. This enables us to understand your personal financial needs and to help you achieve the best financial solution. 

We take a joint view of your assets, investments, loans and property, and we can quickly assess whether the current setup matches the needs identified for capital protection or growth. Last but not least, we look at whether your assets are structured optimally in terms of tax legislation in your country of residence.

The result of our conversations varies from client to client, as no two people have the same desires. We therefore use a wide range of products and services to make sure that we meet your requirements for a professional financial structure.

Inwema Wealth Plan combines the following three core areas:

Capital optimisation
We look at your investments and review them jointly in order to identify whether the current investment strategy matches your risk profile.

Tax and insurance
There are many countries in Europe where it is possible to minimise capital tax, income tax, dividend tax and inheritance tax across national borders. This can be done very easily by such means as the popular endowment policy, a trust or a foundation.

In certain countries a flexible endowment policy can provide an opportunity to achieve tax benefits, defer tax payments on investment returns to a more favourable time and to make sure that capital is passed on to the next generation in the best possible way. Read more about the benefits of an endowment policy.

On the basis of tax legislation in your country of residence, we evaluate whether it would be appropriate to use tax-efficient insurance products.

Mortgage optimisation
There can be many reasons for borrowing money on your equity. Perhaps you want to renovate your house or rebuild, or maybe you want to release some of the assets tied up in your property in order to invest them in other assets. 

Equity Release
Foreign banks do not have a tradition of offering borrowing on your equity. However, Inwema collaborates with banks that do offer borrowing on your equity.

Contact inwema for an impartial evaluation of your capital situation.

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