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Who is Inwema AG (Switzerland)?

Inwema is an abbreviation of our core expertise, International Wealth Management.

Wealth Management is a term that describes a service. It is usually a combination of investment, taxation, property and/or insurance advice. 

Best yield
As a general rule, the term Wealth Management covers more than simply investment advice, but includes a number of elements of a person’s financial planning. Our solutions often involve major tax benefits, in the form of reduced income tax, capital tax and possibly inheritance tax. The aim is to give you the best possible yield, combined with a high level of security. 

Inwema Denmark
Inwema AG is a limited liability company from Switzerland. The main shareholder in the company is Inwema ApS (former Belle Balance International) from Denmark.

Wealthy individuals
Inwema Denmark is a company that provides international capital and taxation advice, as well as independent advice for wealthy individuals. These people are either resident outside Denmark or have plans to move away or simply to make investments abroad. Inwema Denmark also advises banks, insurance companies, accountants and estate agents, etc. on foreign taxation matters.

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Inwema - International Wealth Management

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